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Empowered Diagnostics is made up of the world’s leading experts in manufacturing and packaging large volumes of high quality lateral flow assays. 


Our manufacturing facility is the United States' largest capacity manufacturer of high quality lateral flow assay tests. We focus on working with the world’s most innovative labs and developing for the most prestigious medical brands in the world.

Largest capacity rapid test manufacturer in the United States.

Highest Quality.

We get contacted by many firms hoping to manufacture antibody assays. Most of these are not up to our standards. If you have an assay with the sensitivity of an ELISA and specificity near 100%, please be in touch. We recognize that antibody assays have a place in this fight.


If you have a lateral flow antigen assay and are in need of a manufacturing partner, please be in touch.


And if you have a plan for a lateral flow-based molecular assay that’s been optimized and is nearly ready for production, please contact us. We recognize that an inexpensive and simple molecular assay, with the potential for at-home use, would be a game-changer in the global fight against COVID-19.


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