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Our scientists invented world changing products such as the one-step pregnancy test, early strips for glucose meters, and many of the World's first rapid point-of-care tests for Infectious Diseases... over 100 in total.


Our wholly-owned manufacturing facilities, Health-Chem Diagnostics is the United States largest capacity manufacturer of High Quality Antibody tests. For over 25 years we've developed for the most prestigious medical brands in the world. Now we are bringing the most revolutionary and highest quality rapid point-of-care tests directly to you. 


Be Empowered. 

Largest Capacity Antibody test manufacturer in the United States.

Highest Quality

Quantitative Point-of-Care Diagnostics

Portable. Disposable. AffordablE.

The future of understanding your health is fast, low-cost and accessed anywhere with immediate result.


Empowered's lab-on-a-chip technology quantifies and displays diagnostic measurements within minutes, eliminating the cumbersome process of sending samples into a lab.


Our mission is to provide the lowest-cost way for early detection of disease to speed treatment and save more lives without the need for expensive machinery, labor or a lab.  

*Empowered Meter, Devices and Lateral Flow Cartridges are Pre-FDA Class 2 Medical Devices and NOT currently available for sale or promotion. 


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