How long does the test take and what happens?

The entire process takes less than 10 minutes and we provide very clear instructions. We supply the test and all accessories needed. You only need a few drops of blood (10uL). We provide a special lancet that has a spring loaded painless prick. Squeeze a few drops of blood into the buffer tube, wait a few minutes so they can bind togerther properly and then add three drops to the test cassette. Wait five minutes and the results will visually present themselves.

Where can I get corona virus tests?

At this current time we are able to provide our point-of-care rapid tests under the FDA's emergency protocol to individuals. But qualified partners such as clinics, hoslpitals and licensed care givers are allowed to adminsiter our tests. If you join our mailing list, we will provide a list of locations in your area that administer our test.

Can I purchase for at-home use and self-administer?

These rapid tests have been developed to be simple enough for people to self-administer at home and so are working through the usuabilty studies needed to submit for Over-the-Counter status with the FDA. But at this point we have not been granted the rights and cannot market or provide our tests directly to consumers until FDA grants us those rights. Please join our mailing list for product updates on when the FDA approves our tests for individual use.



Update COVID-19 Rapid Tests:

The COVID-19 tests are sold in compliance with the FDA's emergency protocol.  The Empowered Corona Virus Rapid Tests  are designed to be administered without medical supervision, however, we are not authorized to sell or market directly to consumers, so they are limited to locations where they can be administered by trained professionals. We are working through the prudent steps put in place to become an over-the-counter solutions.


Please join our mailing list for updates. 

We will be taking orders for the Empowered COVID-19 Point-of-Care Rapid test, but will be portioning out shipments as we bring production up to demand. Please share your contact information and number of tests you require.  We'll do our best to meet your needs.    


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