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Immediate point-of-care test for strains of COVID-19 detection with visual results in 5 minutes. Detects recent exposure, exposure from several weeks prior leading to understanding immunity and congeousness. A simple prick of the finger and small amount of blood (only 10uL) gets visual results in 5 minutes. CONTACT US AT info@empowereddiagnostics.com


*For Use Under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) Only. Test pending submission and review by international regulatory agencies

Immediate COVID-19 Test

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    Corona Virus Test is a lateral flow immunoassay for rapid, qualitative detection of corona virus IgG/ IgM in blood. The test results are available in 5 minutes. The test is intended for use as an aid in the diagnosis of Corona Virus infection. New serological tests such as the Corona Virus IgG or IgM rapid test are among the simplest and fastest means of identifying Corona Virus antibodies.

    Kits include: 1. Test Device 2. Lancet 3. Alcohol pad. 4. Development buffer vial(0.3ml) 5. Self measuring Poly blood pipette 10ul.


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